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What’s John Lennon got to do with Shakespeare?

ImageFirst, I must apologize to my readers for the long hiatus I’ve taken from my blogging.  As most of you know, I’m a non-traditional college student writing my way to a bachelor’s degree in English.

This semester, I took a break from my Shakespearean studies and just completed a class entitled:  “The Beatles and Their World” at The College of New Jersey.

I’ve never had more fun reading, researching, and writing than I had while taking this course.

For my final paper, I chose to research the Beatle I had become fascinated with:  John Lennon.

John’s persona grew to mythical proportions during his lifetime.  After his murder, his image morphed into that of a martyred hero – at least for awhile.

Then the ugly stories began pouring out, page after page.

I wanted to play armchair psychologist and investigate a hunch that had nagged at me while reading about John’s volatile nature, which resonated with “Jeckyl and Hyde” overtones:

Could John Lennon have suffered from mental illness?

If you were ever curious to learn a little more about John Lennon, or wondered about this yourself, please take the time to read my paper which has recently been published in The College of New Jersey’s Journal of Student Scholarship,Volume XVIII, April 2016 edition.  (click on link below)

John was known for cutting through the bull—- and emphatically rejected the public’s idolatry of the Beatles; just feel the sarcasm in his ballad, “Working Class Hero.”

So, OK, this post has NOTHING to do with Shakespeare.  But consider this,

both Shakespeare and the Beatles are British “institutions”  AND both have developed into revered myths of the Modern World.

With that in mind, I think John would have forgiven me for stripping away his facade in order to get to the truth.

Exposing the Voice of Truth: A Psychological Profile of John Lennon

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