Must see Shakespeare: “The Hollow Crown” on PBS

p00s90hzIf you want to brush up on Shakespeare’s “Henriad” (the tetralogy that includes the plays: Richard II, Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2, and Henry V) then you MUST tune in this Friday, September 27th, to your local PBS station and catch the second installment of The Hollow Crown.  Check local listings for the time, but if you’re on the East Coast (USA) it airs at 9:00 PM.

Ben Whishaw as Richard II in "The Hollow Crown"

Ben Whishaw as Richard II in “The Hollow Crown”

You can view the full episode of last Friday’s, Richard II, starring Ben Whishaw in his Christ-like portrayal of the infamous king, by clicking here:   The Hollow Crown” on PBS

Whishaw, as the pretentious Richard II, drives home the concept of the Divine Right of Kings, which Richard adamantly advocated during his reign.

Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal in "Henry IV, Part 1"

Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal in “Henry IV, Part 1” (from “The Hollow Crown” miniseries)

In the next episode, we pick up with Henry IV, Part 1 starring Jeremy Irons as Henry IV and Tom Hiddleston as his son Hal, the future Henry V.

This one’s my favorite history play.  I can’t wait to see the interaction between Hal and Falstaff!


ATTENTION Shakespeare students of all ages:

If you struggle, as I do, with reading the Elizabethan style of English, watching the performances will definitely improve your understanding (and appreciation) of the plays.  Just keep in mind, directors may exercise artistic license and put their own spin on the action. 

SPOILER ALERT!  For example: in director Rupert Goold’s Richard II, Aumerle is Richard II’s murderer, not Exton!


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