As the semester nears the finish line, deadlines are stressing me out.  English majors are inundated with books to read, critical essays to evaluate (and in some cases decipher like cryptic code), and paper after paper to write.  But I’m experiencing a bit of writer’s block. Even for this blog, which is a class assignment that I’ve come to enjoy.

These past two weeks have been emotionally trying.  Last week, one of my TCNJ classmates went missing:  Please read the linked story: Paige Aiello.  Monday, two explosions turned a Boston tradition into a tragedy.  Today, a Texas town was obliterated in an unintentional explosion at a fertilizer plant.  Too much grief to process in such a short time.


So, while this blog post has nothing to do with Shakespeare, it does have to do with writing from the heart.

When I can return my focus to “all things Shakespeare,” I will blog about a wonderful experience I had this past weekend in Philadelphia.

But for now, the tears are clouding my screen, so I’ll close with a quote from a lesser known play, Henry VI:

“To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”

May tomorrow bring us respite from the tears.


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